Welcome! I'm a designer for 3D printing, mostly in steel. Here you'll find sculpture, pendants, cephalopods, and laser etched glass.

News about the state of this art.

Laser Glass

Scientific data laser etched in full 3D, inside cubes of clear glass. This begins where 3D printing leaves off: it handles intractable, unstructural information with precision and grace.

Crystal Proteins

Got your own intractable data? At CrystalProtein I can put it in glass for you. Keychains to large awards, quantities one to hundreds. Proteins and small molecules are a specialty, but it's always interesting to see something different.


I mostly carry steel sculpture here. If you'd like to see more materials – silver, bronze, many plastics, steel with different finishes – do visit my shop at Shapeways. We're old friends, they pay on time, and I'm happy to have my work there.


Whether you're here to shop or just see some art, I hope you enjoy these designs. This is my job since 1997 – before there was Paypal or Google, Patreon or Kickstarter – and for that I'm grateful to you.

Prices are as low as I can make them and keep going: $30-75 for jewelry and mini sculpture, $200-500 for larger sculpture and math models, laser glass $20-105, from keychains to Mega DNA.

Thanks for visiting.