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This page shows some wonderful things that other people have done with my designs, with permission of course.  Do you have a use in mind? 

(More great things people have done with my downloads.)

The future has overtaken this page.  When it first posted in 2005, sharing 3D object files was excitingly novel, and it was exciting that other people were interested in building my sculpture!  As I write this in 2012 it's become commonplace: these files and thousands more are routinely replicated in 3DP shops worldwide.  So while I'm still glad all these things happened, I'd say that they are now mainly of historical interest. 


Kemal Kalajdzic rendered a lot of Spikyballs using Carrara.


The CandyFab Project!  A DIY 3D printer that prints sugar.  This deliciously caramelized model was made in 2007.  It's big – 8 inches diameter – and smells wonderful.  I live in fear that ants will get into it.


Sirris in Belgium created this interpretation of my Möbius download.


Raffaele Martinoni of Switzerland created these lamps from my virtual Spikyball download.


An unusual polychrome finish at Ex One.

This 10-foot sculpture at Snowfest 2006 in Frankenmuth, MI was executed by Team Sculptallica, captained by Brent Scofield.  The design was inspired by Antipot.

Pretty good I thought, especially considering the warm weather.

This Ora pendant has been adorned with a 1K diamond by Cathy Seiler and John Monguillot.

Below, a specially commissioned model in platinum. 



Barry Behrstock had this rosewood Antichron carved in Vietnam:



Another spiffy outcome from Ex One, this Metatrino was buffed and given a heavy nickel plating for a trade show.  I wish the guy who did this worked for me!


Ex One has experimentally printed this golden Noom.  I hope we'll be building jewelry before too long.


This Mini Quintrino was dressed up in blue chrome by a clever buyer.  Mere photography cannot capture the extreme excellence of this object.


Gary Foster's hand-carved wooden Antichron.  This is impressive to me because it was made without seeing the sculpture itself, only 2D pictures.


Alan White piles 'em high! 

Below, two micro Clefs built on the Perfactory 3D printer by Steve Adler of A3DM.  That blue boulder on the right is a small glass marble.

In the summer of 2002, Ora appeared in a Japanese TV commercial for the video game Final Fantasy XI.  The piece floated around mysteriously, at eye level or high in the sky, nicely rendered with a mirror finish.  It was done by Garage Film in Tokyo; they did a beautiful job, and I hope the game sold well.  Unfortunately I can't show images, because SquareCo owns the rights to the commercial.

Also in 2002, DSM Somos made several large, beautiful stereolithographic models for display at Euromold. 

Click here to see a gorgeous poster also by Somos. 

This Noom was built by Somos, electroformed in nickel by Repliform, and raffled off.  Terry Wohlers won it.

At right is a 3" carving of Antichron, in Indian aventurine.  It was done by an expert Chinese jade carver, at the request of my friend and collector Alan White.  It's something of a museum piece -- the carver did it, I think, mainly to prove it was possible.

A marvelous machined stand, also by Al White, for a cubical laser-etched Ora.

A jade version of my handmade piece Trinon, shown with the original silver.  Shih Chung Yep is the carver.

A stress analysis of Antichron by Rob Egerman, done for this excellent snow sculpture adventure

An ad that appeared in JCK Magazine (Jeweler's Circular Keystone), featuring my piece Sephira.


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