I'm an artist, mostly in 3D printed steel. Here you'll find sculpture, cephalopods, and laser etched glass.


April 3 I've got a bit of headache and fever, and you probably don't want a box from me right now. I'll be back in not less than two weeks, longer if needed.

Take care, stay well.

Mini Sculpture

  • The 120-Cell for your 4th-dimensional needs.

  • A cuttlefish, plus it opens bottles!

  • Ora, one for the ages.

Laser Glass

Complex data etched into cubes of glass. Laser etching starts where 3D printing gives up: it draws unstructural clouds of information with precision and grace.

Crystal Proteins

Got your own data? At CrystalProteins I can draw it in glass. Proteins and molecules are a specialty, anything that is 3D and complex can be interesting.
Sizes go from keychains to large awards, quantities one to hundreds – they're great for gifts, awards, or just to see your data made real.


This site offers mostly steel. I also have a Shapeways shop, with many materials in a range of prices: plastics, polished brass and bronze, steel with different finishes, silver and other precious metals.

Whether you're shopping or just checking out some art, I hope you enjoy these designs. I've been here since before Patreon or Kickstarter existed, and for that I'm grateful to you.

Thanks for visiting.