I'm an artist, mostly in 3D printed steel. Here you'll find sculpture, cephalopods, and laser etched glass.


Looking for E8? It's here!

Metal Supply Troubles
I'm having a hard time getting steel, that's why half the site is out of stock. Working on it.

Mini Sculpture

  • The 120-Cell for your 4th-dimensional needs.

  • A cuttlefish, plus it opens bottles!

  • Ora, one for the ages.

Laser Glass

Complex data etched into cubes of glass. Laser etching starts where 3D printing stops, drawing incredibly detailed structures with grace and precision.

Crystal Proteins

Got your own data? At CrystalProteins I can draw it in glass. Proteins and molecules are a specialty, anything that is 3D and complex can be interesting.
Sizes go from keychains to large awards, quantities one to hundreds – they're great for gifts, awards, or just to see your data made real.


This site offers mostly steel. I also have a Shapeways shop, with many materials in a range of prices: plastics, polished brass and bronze, steel with different finishes, silver and other precious metals.

Whether you're shopping or just checking out some art, I hope you enjoy these designs. I've been here since before Google or Facebook existed, and by the good grace of you, my honored viewer and customer, perhaps I'll be here a while yet.

Thanks for visiting.