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Media Online


At @party, a demoparty in Boston, I gave a half hour talk about symmetry. The slide deck is here.
A one-hour webinar, me talking over slides and a CAD demo, for the T-Splines plug-in for Rhinoceros.
Bre Pettis, then of Make Magazine, made a short podcast at the first Maker Faire.  I've never been able to watch this. Don't tell me what I said.


May 2011

Fortune magazine runs a picture and quote in an article on "crowdsourcing".

January 2011

The New York Times says 3D printing is cool.   Last September, too.


CBS series Numb3rs, about a crime-solving mathematician, used several pieces as set dressing and story props. In the background below, Phlizz.


Additive Manufacturing Technologies, a weighty codex subtitled "Rapid Prototyping to Direct Digital Manufacturing", has my Borromean Rings piece on the cover.

Ars et Mathesis, an annual series of beautiful illustrated books about math/art in Dutch, shows my work.


The Fundamentals of Product Design, a text about design practice, shows the Quin lamp.


GemVisions 2009, a jewelry design sourcebook for "ENLIGHTENED Swarovski Elements", features the Quin lamp.


Plastic, a coffee-table book focusing on interesting objects in (you guessed it) plastic, includes the Quin lamp.

The Symmetries of Things, a mathematical text about symmetry by John Conway, uses several pieces as illustrations.

Fragiles This massive, lushly photographed tome surveys modern art in porcelain, glass and ceramics, and also for some reason the Quin lamp. 

April 2008

Time Magazine's Style & Design 100 chose the Quin lamp as one of the year's 100 most influential design objects.

The Boston Globe gives a review of a group show at Axiom Art gallery.

Also in Boston, the Weekly Dig mentions the Axiom show.

Möbelmesse Köln features my lamps in an article on trends for 2008.

December 2007

Contemporary Art of Science and Technology, a Chinese-language book by by Zhang Yanxiang, features several sculptures.

September 2007 

New England Sculptors Association ran a writeup in their newsletter.

August 2007

Danish newspaper Daily Borsen mentions my lamps in an article on design.

May 2007

The London Times says 3D printing is cool.

Science Magazine's review of I Am a Strange Loop by Douglas Hofstader uses an image of MG.  The book itself contains an uncredited photo of Nexus.

February 2007

Discover Magazine ran a review feature on my work.

January 2007

New Scientist magazine used my Calabi-Yau Manifold crystal to illustrate an article on the same.


The DNA crystal showed up in the first few eps of NBC series Heroes, about mutants, as office furniture for a geneticist.

December 2006

Today's Machining World had a cover story on The Art of Printing Parts.

June 2006

The New York Times Style Section ran a full page of this photo:

March 2006

Time Compression Technologies magazine used one of my download files as a cover image.

January 2006

The Dutch magazine Bright posted this photo.

December 2005

Make magazine included me in their wonderful book, Makers.

Fall 2005

Metalsmith magazine, published by the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG) has a writeup of the Virtual|Tangible show.

September 2005

Symmetry magazine, a joint publication of Fermilab and SLAC, an article in the Gallery section.  This cheers me up because I once worked at Fermi and remember it fondly.

Muy Interesante magazine mentions my proteínas in the "Muy Tecno" section.

July 2005

Nature Materials magazine, "Liquid Crystals: Infinite networks of surfaces" is illustrated with my Gyroid piece.  This article is accessible only to subscribers.

December 2004

Wired magazine, a page on proteins in the "Play" section.

April 2004

The New York Times ran this uncredited photo in connection with a recreational mathematics conference.  (It could have been worse – they ran this one of my esteemed colleague Lee Krasnow.)

Winter 2004

River City, a journal of the creative writing program at the University of Memphis, ran some photos.


July 2008

I'm quoted in an interview at Rapid Today.  Feeling a little testy that day, perhaps.

November 2007 

Copper Living discusses an electroformed piece.

April 2007

Featured in the MathTrek blog of Science News.

February 2007

A hilarious interview by SLART Magazine, a defunct journal of Second Life.


Mathworld at illustrates several articles with my work, including the Gyroid and the Feigenbaum function.  I am inordinately proud of this.

August 2005

Rudi Mathematici, an online magazine in Italian, put some art in their frontispiece.

January 2005

+Plus magazine, Maths and art: the whistlestop tour winds up with me.

July 2004

Wikipedia gets an entry

June 2004

Classification of Mathematical Sculpture, a paper by Ricardo Zalaya & Javier Barrallo, cites me at some length.

July 2002

Wired News, my work in the Siggraph 2002 art exhibit is mentioned.

February 2002

Ivars Peterson's MathTrek, a feature of the Mathematical Association of America, has a delightful article about a snow sculpture I designed and helped to build.