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Cement, 84” tall

This 7-foot cement sculpture was built by D-Shape, courtesy of Dr. Enrico Dini, in 2012.

It was air freighted to Vancouver, where it spent a few months in a gallery. The signs on the floor in front of it read "Please do not climb on the sculpture." This was at that time the only 3D print in North America to need that particular warning.

It's now located at Gropps Gallery, also in Vancouver. I was able to visit in 2014, and I found it quite remarkable. I've seen many prints of my work, but this has a charisma all its own. The texture and material are like a gigantic shell, and like a scholar stone, and like nothing on Earth.

Also, it's great to climb on. Completely solid, nice and grippy, and the top is comfortable to sit on. I recommend the experience.