Everything in chronological order, as best I can remember it.




I acquired this domain and set up the earliest version of this site.




Rhinoceros, the CAD program I mainly use, was in beta, positioned as a lower-cost yet full-capability NURBS modeler. I liked it because 1) it ran in Windows, 2) it was not a boolean modeler like Solidworks, and 3) the beta was free.

Z Corporation

I got my first 3D printed parts from ZCorp. Dave Russell, then their Director of Engineering, took an interest in my designs, which were some of my very first CAD models, and sent free samples. This was encouraging.




I launched CrystalProtein.com, a service for laser etched protein structures in glass. It is still going.



Ex One

Ex One, at that time known as Extrude Hone, launched its steel printing process, then called Prometal. It was mainly targeted on industrial applications, but the company was also interested in working with artists, to liven up their trade show booths and show what the process could do.



Quin Lamp

Probably my most documented design. I have a stack of coffee-table books with lush photos of this, which I suppose signal its entry into some canon.

Flame Lamp

Pretty shadows, but it didn't do as well as the Quin. A krinkle-fries texture was added late in the design process for obscure reasons. I never got a sample so don't really know whether it worked.



Klein Bottle Opener

I think I actually slapped my forehead when I thought of it.

Time Magazine award

The Quin lamp is one of Time Magazine's "100 Most Influential Design Objects" for this year.



Shapeways Shops

Shapeways launched its Shops. I was first to sign up, which mainly means that if you sort the shops by "newest", mine is the last.