About the Artist


That One Thing

I like to think about shapes. Sometimes I think of a new one. It's something I do without wanting very much to explain it.

3D printed steel is my main medium, and I also work with subsurface laser damage in glass. The shapes I want aren't moldable, so most artmaking and manufacturing methods don't work well for me, which is why I got into 3D printing.

This is a simple business: I sell metal and glass. I don't limit editions and I price as low as costs permit. I sell mainly through this site and Shapeways, without representation.

Profits vary. I've worked many day jobs, currently protein zapper. So far the lights have stayed on.

Around the turn of the millennium a window opened, as 3D printing (which had been around for many years at that point) got cheaper and better. The technology suited my style, and my designs were among the first printed objects to be sold outside the industry. You can see here some of the designs that sold the world on 3D printing.

This site moves slowly, but it's alive and shipping orders.

I hope you'll enjoy the sculptures.

In 2020

I'm continuing work with my sculpture generator I'm writing Python and Grasshopper, which is a plug-in of Rhinoceros. It creates shapes algorithmically but allows for a lot of selection, so I view it as a collaboration, rather in the style of The Annals of the Parrigues (warning, 115-page PDF). Though this was a short project for her, author Emily Short's afterword here influenced my decision to dive into this longterm project.

I've been posting things it produces to my blog, also to Thingiverse and other places mentioned here. It's not altogether clear where this leads.

Special Thanks

To Terran Melconian for much help with photography.

And to Travis Alex Photo for the portrait above.

Pages I no longer maintain

Studio – A quick tour of my workspaces.

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